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Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Catch", by Sean Quirk

This is Sean Quirk second novel, having read the first; this one is totally different but equally as captivating. I am a fan of thrillers and have read my share, what makes this one stand out is how a tab of supernatural is skilfully mixed into the storyline without losing all sense of realism and readers who are not into hard-core sci-fi . If you realise a thriller novel is not known for its accuracy but rather for action, adventure, hi-tech weaponry, shoot-outs, great heroes and villains (villains that even the reader develops a love to hate), this thriller could be for you. 

The story centers on Catch Harris, a loner and ex-military man that has many skeletons in the closet, is riddled with guilt and just wants to be left alone. One day, Hallie Baker, a waitress, at his favourite diner tries to strike up a friendship; however it is not in his nature to be sociable and automatically rebuffs her. Later, he regrets what he has done and on his way out he wants to apologise but Hallie's shift has finished and is already on her way home. In the parking lot, he witnesses some very menacing men who appear to be forcing Hallie against her will, Catch's military training kicks into high gear and his only objective is to save her. This action proves to be the interlude into a suspense filled read... 

There is never a dull moment once everything starts. We find ourselves shadowing the protagonist into many tense and highly explosive situations, involving a mingled web of villains with futuristic equipment, and of course there is nothing like good old car chases to bring on the adrenaline. The descriptive writing is so vivid you think you are smack into the action, the twists and turns along the way lead to a nicely tied up ending. The intensity of the story and the complexity of the characters make it a very interesting read.

I am looking forward to following Catch Harris on his next adventure.

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