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Friday, November 4, 2011

"Shadow", by Karin Alvtegen

Did you ever wonder why you had a particular book in hand? When I finally got down to reading “Shadow” I questioned why and how long it had been on my tattered wish list, and why I had past it over for so long. Now I ask myself why I waited so long to read it. 

The novel is a psychological crime thriller about dark secrets, the price of fame and how the search for public approval can drive some to make unsound decisions that have lasting or tragic repercussions. It also touches the impact our childhood has on the rest of our life.

One often describes a book as hot and hard to put aside, this is surely a true description of this one. The story is one with depth, many layers and full of secrets and rivalries between the characters. As this dynamic book progresses we are plunged deep into the history of four generations of the Ragnerfeldt family and we learn more about their connection with Kristopher, the little boy abandoned yes ago. “Shadow” is a literary closet filled with skeletons of the past… 

The novel begins with a brief flashback to 1975 when a boy was discovered abandoned at an amusement park with a short note seeking a better life for him. Fast forward to the present day and the plot tightens with the death of an old woman – Gerda Persson, the former housekeeper of the highly respected Nobel Laureate Axel Ragnerfeldt. With Gerda’s passing a door opens into the real life of the Ragnerfeldt family, a life full of infidelity and dark secrets…..

The plot builds slowly with multiple story threads that go back and forth in time, skillfully creating a suspense that is lively and thought provoking. Each player is introduced one by one, each with their own theme and their own story building a page-turning drama only a gifted storyteller could master.

Although “Shadow” is a gripping and absorbing tale of murder, I was nevertheless disappointed with the ending, it left the fate of many characters in limbo and I wonder if the author has something up her sleeve for the future.


Alice said...

I enjoyed this review and hope to find this book. This is my second attempt to leave a comment here.


Toni Osborne said...

Sorry you had trouble but I am glad you made it. The book is available in Canada still but if you have a ereader see

they have it there for 7.97us