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Friday, July 29, 2011

"First Daughter", by Eric Van Lustbader

Book1 in the Jack McClure series

This new series joins the many political thrillers available to today's readers. The story revolves mainly around politics and religion and an outgoing President who makes his decisions based on his religious beliefs.

The story is tightly plotted with many twists and turns and enough cliff-hangers to keep us flipping pages. It opens with the abduction of Alli Carson, the 19-year-old daughter of U.S. President-elect, a month before her father's inauguration. P.E. Edward Carson seeks the help of his long-time friend Agent Jack McClure, his daughter Alli was once a roommate of Jack's daughter Emma who died in a tragic accident. P.E Carson knows Jack well enough to understand that his determination and devotion will drive him to extremes to find Alli and bring her home safely. On Jack's personal side he has learned how to hide and deal with his dyslexia however he is still struggling with the loss of Emma and the subsequent separation from his wife. There is trouble stirring in the world of politics, the outgoing administration wants their Christian philosophy to dominate, they firmly believe it is a secularist movement that is behind the kidnapping and refuse to consider any other possibilities.

The plot thickens when Jack goes renegade, working strictly against protocol; he runs a parallel investigation to the Secret Service and other government agencies. While on the path of this dangerous and calculating kidnapper, Jack chooses to trust his own instinct and unique abilities to stay one step ahead of the villain....

This thriller has oodles of farfetched action to entertain us. I felt the religious sub-plots boarded too much on extremism and hindered the pacing quite a bit, if there was an underlying message between the lines, I am afraid I totally missed it. Jack's life is portrayed as rather sad and depressing, he is a man that lost everything dear to him and subsequently hides himself in his career. His character is well- develop: a flawed but brilliant hero with unique and extraordinary abilities. The villain has a sci-fi overture not quite fitting to this thriller....and the rest of the characters fall into my run of the mill category.

After all is said and done, I must admit this novel will be filed into my ho-hum category....not bad but not memorable.

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