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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"American Assassin", by Vince Flynn

Book 11, in the Mitch Rapp series

This latest political thriller brings us back to 1980 after Pam Am flight 103 disaster took the life of Mitch Rapp`s fiancée over Lockerbie Scotland. Mitch was then a 23 year old college student, a mere shell of what he later became. As in all the previous Flynn novels, the writing style is intense, very character and plot driven.

The story starts with Mitch, a new recruit being trained for a special covert program within the CIA. The author goes into great details describing the type of training needed to succeed in the program. As the plot thickens Mitch is sent on a special operation to Beirut where his skills and intelligence are put to the test to help rescue fellow CIA operatives held captive. The real action starts (what we seen previously was just a teaser) when a fight breaks out and our heart rate goes into high gear, we soon find ourselves page deep in the middle of a blood and guts, torture and murder scenario. Mitch’s past skills and his ability to improvise under duress are put to the test to complete his mission and survive what turns out to be a well laid trap.

All the favourite characters are back: Director Thomas Stanfield, Dr. Irene Kennedy, and Stan Hurley, all heads of the terrorist squad confronting the war on terror. Mitch Rapp is the perilous hero who furnishes all the action and brutality needed to satisfy any thriller novel junkie. Once more, Mr. Flynn has created a fictional story with explosive scenes based on a Westerner’s perception of modern day terrorism, he emphasizes their ideologies and mindset and how they use kidnapping to make a point.

The timing for this novel is excellent although it may have been rushed in its publication: some mistakes have slipped through that may annoy some readers….All that said and done, I am hooked on this series and this is one of the best instalments to date. The action is fast and furious, very engaging, an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

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