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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The Dark Tide", by Andrew Gross

Book 1 in the Ty Hauck series

This novel is an attention grabber right from the start...beware...It is a never ending fast paced story of deception, lies and conspiracies.

It opens one morning at yoga class, Karen Friedman and her friends learn of a fatal bombing at Grand Central Station. Karen at first, felt terrible but her emotions go into high gear when she realizes that her husband Charlie, a hedge fund manager, has taken the train to work. She later finds out that a part of her husband's briefcase has been found at the point of detonation ... Where's Charlie?....will she ever see him again....

On the anniversary of the event, Karen although still devastated by the loss of her husband wonders if she can watch a documentary of the day on TV. As she is about to switch channels she sees what appears to be Charlie's face in the background....has she seen a ghost or is she loosing it....

At the time of the bombing, Detective Ty Hauck was working on a hit and run incident. Personal information found on the victim brought Ty's investigation to Karen's door and over time she developed an appreciation for his manner and expertise. It is for these reasons that Karen decides to share her discovery with Ty and hopefully find out what really happened.

As you can imagine, the story intensify from this point on. The investigation has many surprises along the way, it starts in the Hamptons goes to Pensacola and ends in the Caribbean with a bang...The storyline while basic and straightforward progresses well, the prose paint an exciting and entertaining picture. I like the realistic way the main players are depicted, they are not shown as super action heroes or a damsel in distress.

I recommend this novel for its simplicity, it is captivating and enjoyable from start to finish

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