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Saturday, August 21, 2010

"The Bourne Sanction", by Eric Van Lustbader

The 6th instalment in the "Jason Bourne" series by Robert Ludlum

This novel focuses primarily on never ending action placing characters in hair raising situations. The author has Bourne on another chaotic chase, this time in Moscow dogging pursuers while he himself hunts one of the most dangerous villains, a killer named Arkasan. Hold you breath, this is a fast paced story where Bourne faces the most treacherous campaign to date.

Bourne now assuming the name of David Webb lives an ordinary life as a scholar at the Georgetown University. Unsatisfied with this deceit he desperately wants to get back into action. When his mentor Dominic Specter approaches him for help it is exactly what Jason needs to lift his spirits and leave his make believe world behind.... Dominic is convinced that a group of terrorists named "The Black Legion" are preparing an attack on the United States.....something has to be done..... The story is a little farfetched but nonetheless you are in for a wild ride. The author has written many superb action sequences that will have you on the edge of your seat.

During this time, there is a turf war brewing between the Central Intelligence and the National Security Agencies overriding their actual mandate in global affairs. Each agency is aware of the "Black Legion" and their plans but true to life politics trump logic at times. NSA's aim is to covertly illuminate Bourne at all expense thus discrediting the CIA. The infighting in this sub-plot gives a touch of reality and I found it more interesting than following Bourne's actual mission.

This novel is a satisfying read although I prefer seeing Bourne's capers on the big screen.

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