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Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Befriend and Betray", by Alex Caine

This is the true story of a civilian Alex Caine who under contract to various law enforcement agencies infiltrated gangs and organizations to gather intelligence. In his own words, Mr Caine paints a portrait of a lifestyle rarely seen.

He grew up in Hull, Quebec, Canada and often lived on the fringes of the law. After serving a stretch in prison on marijuana possession charges in the 60’s, Alex was still unsettled and looking for adventure. His combative nature and USA’s involvement in Vietnam attracted his attention. His enlistment fine tuned his natural abilities to walk a fine line and stay alive….. As many veterans from that era, Alex had trouble settling down.

One day after attending a martial arts competition, Alex was approached by a member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang and asked if he was interested in helping them move a large amount of drugs. Appearing interested but cautious, Alex bought time which he used to inform the authorities. The RCMP asked him to accept the offer and to infiltrate the gang. This launched a new and exciting but highly dangerous career.

Over a period of twenty five years, he infiltrated criminal groups such as the Bandidos, the Hells Angels, the KKK and international mobs. Overtime various law enforcement agencies recognized and used his conning and expertly developed abilities…..

“Befriend and Betray “is a complex and compelling read: a story of a very different world where one cannot trust anyone. While undercover, Caine needed to be creative and live on his wits, wary continuously second guessing the motives of his fellow gang members and his handlers, each with their own objectives.

The book is also about the personal side of Alex Caine, the toll it took on his marriages and his children. After a long time among treachery, fake names and friendships and years away from home ….Alex needed to get away from it all. Now retired from the front line he acts as an advisor and guess speaker at police conferences.

I found this book well written, very believable, especially interesting and very hard to put aside. I am looking forward to reading Mr Caine’s second book “The Fat Mexican”

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