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Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Once Around the Track", by Sharyn McCrumb

“Once Around the Track“ is an interesting fiction based around the NASCAR auto racing circuit and the people that bring each race to life.

This is a sweet story, somewhat funny at times and quite appealing. It begins with a group of female investors financed by “Vagenya” ( v i agra for women) who put together an all female Nascar team. The only male is the “wheel man”, a charming and unassuming man with the ability to compete at a high level, his good looks are a definite asset to the sponsor. The women’s job is to keep both the car and the driver competitive and in one piece. The reader spends one year in their life while they are racing around the country in a quest for the all mighty chequered flag…..

I loved this story for its originality and its collection of colourful characters, a group that teamed up for various reasons. The plot moves at a slow but steady pace and is peppered with a detailed description of the politics and the inner workings of how management and the pit crew function. All seems very realistic, thanks to the author’s extensive research and the help of NASCAR driver, Ward Burton. Whether you are a fan or not of NASCAR, its an interesting look into a close knit world. I found this novel very entertaining and a change of pace


hamlet said...

Looks interesting Toni Me being a sentimental twerp I will probably read it---but not jast yet as I have a queue.

antphil said...

my comment is the same as no 1

Toni Osborne said...

Talking about gueue....this one was one mine for 1 year...lol

Eventually it gets to the top...