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Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Spy", by Ted Bell

Book 4 in the Alexander Hawke series

This thriller is a captivating tale of international suspense that brings its readers to different localities: from the primitive jungles of Brazil to a small town near the Mexican Border, to the Floridian coast and to the U.K.

Rapidly drawn into never ending action, the reader is taken on a roller coaster-ride as we follow a madman concocting technological warfare, a sheriff who faces a vicious group of thugs, and a puzzling and frightening encounter in the Florida Keys involving an insidious plot against the U.S.A and a wrap up in the U.K.

What brings everything together is Hawke, Lord Hawke leads a mysterious expedition deep into the heart of the Amazon River where he is eventually captured and forced into hard labour by an indigenous tribe that has been infiltrated by extremists. There he witnesses the birth of a terrorist militia, their recruiting and intense training with state of the art high tech weaponry. The ultimate recipe to launch jihad missions...designed to change the western world forever... He must escape and warn the world of this impending disaster and with help return to eliminate this terrible threat..

Parallel to this exciting saga Mr Bell's prolific imagination takes us to a small border town where one of the stronger characters is the town sheriff who due to a lack of resources finds himself in over his head facing motorcycle gangs and many other dangerous situations. Eventually the two stories cross paths when the sheriff meets Hawke...

The wild ride continues in the Florida Keys when a downed plane is discovered with nuclear war heads on board...

Of course, putting all excitement aside, in the end, everything wraps up in a satisfying manner.

This is another thriller that is full of impossibilities but highly entertaining, an adrenaline rush.

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