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Friday, February 12, 2010

"The Rules of Vengeange", by Christopher Reich

Book 2 in the Jonathan Ransom series

Like its prequel “Rules of Deception” this new addition to the series is a suspenseful thriller. We find all the espionage and intrigue that one would wish for in an exciting novel. The story is fast paced, filled with energetic and descriptive action and charismatic characters that have an overabundance of stamina. This novel is definitely intense, a real page-turner, an adrenaline rush.

The story picks up a few months after “Rules of Deception” ends. After a few sabbatical months from his work with the Doctors Without Borders, Dr Jonathan Ransom attends a medical conference in London where he has been invited as a guest lecturer. Soon after settling into his hotel room he receives a note from his wife Emma whom he hasn’t seen for over six months. At the end of “Rules of Deception”, Emma went into hiding from her former employer “Division” a secret branch of the American Intelligence Agency.

With practically no training in espionage, Ransom follows Emma through the streets of London, only to witness her detonating a car bomb. Completely caught off guard by her action, he is left astounded and is blamed for the carnage and arrested. While Emma with all her acquired skill disappears into the surroundings. Escape is his only option but he quickly becomes one of Interpol’s most wanted. His mission involves many countries in the search of Emma, he needs to know what or whom she is involved with now and what has just transpired.

One of the high points of this novel is the writer’s colourful and descriptive writing giving Ransom a super heroes’ ability in evading police. The relentless pursuit scenarios are guarantied to capture ones interests from start to finish.

This series has become an addiction and I am looking forward to see what else the author has in store for us.

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