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Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Mobile 9" by Bill Haughland

Mr Haugland, is a highly respected and well known TV personality who anchored Montreal's "Pulse News". Now in retirement he is using his past experiences as a reporter and TV news writer to produce his first novel. Although, a fiction it is derived from many events he witnessed during the 60's. Montrealers will easily recognize the people and scenes described in this narrative.

Not surprisingly, "Mobile 9" is a tale of a television news reporter, told in the 3rd person in a very cinematic way. Mr Haugland has captured and masterfully delivered a story of a television news cameraman embroiled in a mystery, accused of an assault he did not commit. Events that occurred: such as the FLQ bombing of the mayor's home (Jean Drapeau), the rise of separatism and the mafia investigations all play a part in this story.

I found the book commendable; it captured effectively the linguistic and political atmosphere, not forgetting the tensions of the professional and personal life of the media. Some may say Mr Haugland's enthusiasm describing a Grey Cup game was distracting, I found it was very well done and expertly conveys the atmosphere of the time. His great skill as a writer has given us a splendid tale with a wonderful ending, a concise wrap up that I have only seen in some movies.

I loved the intrepid reporter Ty Davis and all the rest of the cast. It will be nice to see them back in a subsequent novel. Well done Mr Haugland

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