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Sunday, March 8, 2020

"The Killing of the Cherrywood MP", by Louise Burfitt-Dons

Book# 2 in the Karen Andersen British Political Thriller series

This thriller is the sequel to “The Missing Activist” featuring London PI Karen Andersen and her second assignment. The story tackles the far right politic which has existed in the UK for ever and the wish of concern groups to preserve what is perceived to be the British culture. The plot is set around the thorny issue of Jihadi brides returning home from Syria. The topic couldn’t be more timely. What a catching start the author gives us: it opens with a confession and a deadly act committed to an ISIS captor….

I do recommend reading the book #1 first as many of the characters have a good part in the 2nd book. I found it an asset to have known them previously but no worries it could perfectly be read on its own if you start here.

In this gripping, chock full of twists story we have PI Andersen once again immersed in the world of radical extremism. The plot follows the events that happened in the previous book. Everyone is on edge, Jihadi terrorist Zinah al-Rashid (Tammy Bishop) is about to be released from Prison. Is she really reformed? When Labour MP for Cherrywood facing deselection is found murdered, the suspicion falls on a Far Right group and an intensive investigation is set off. Is the group really behind the murder? The action doesn’t stop there, would we have suspense without the esteem police force doing their bit. The hunt for a lone wolf who has been threatening former Jihadi brides is at the top of the list.

This story is steeped in conspiracies, politically motivated and deadly. The scenes are vividly said, it seems so real, it could definitely happen. The pacing is steady although moderate but the pull to know what is coming up is strong so much so I couldn’t stop flipping just one more page…..Such a page turner I simply couldn’t wait to see the outcome.

This thriller is an enjoyable and captivating read one that kept my attention from page one. In my books it is even better than the “Missing Activist”. Well-done.

I wish to thank Louise Burfitt-Dons for a copy of both books in this series. My thoughts have not been influence by this offer this is the way I see it…

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